Candy has always thought of herself as a writer, whether she has been published or paid for writing or not. As far as she is concerned, when you put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), you're a writer.

But, as it happens to many of us, her life just got in the way of her creativity for a long time, or as she puts it, she let life get in the way. You can always make excuses for not doing things, she says, but at some point you have to either make the time, or admit you were never committed enough to being a writer anyway. In 2018, she finally committed the time and energy to seeing where writing could take her.

Candy York lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, daughter and two crazy dogs. She is currently in the process of writing a series of romance novels set in the fictional town of Lake Thomas, not far outside of Washington, D.C.

Finding Home, is the first novel in the Lake Thomas Romance series - release date is 5th February 2019.

She chronicles her writing in her blog at Wordpress and also on her Facebook page, just so she can keep track of what she did when, for her own personal reference.

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